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The promise of telemetry or connected machines has been around for a while, but with more machines than ever now connected, there is great potential for the “internet of things” to become a reality. Companies cannot only receive vital information about their remote devices and machines, but they can also develop new processes to make sense of this information and act on it.

With 200 employees dedicated to providing innovative and reliable connectivity solutions, Orange Business Services is a major m2m player. Examples of our commitment include strong annual growth across our footprint; an international dedicated centre of excellence; advanced sim development to meet the specific requirements of this market such as longevity and durability to withstand harsh environmental conditions.

As we believe standardisation is the key to simplicity, reliability and flexibility, we are supporting the efforts of ETSI, WAVE2M and EPCglobal to develop future standards and promote innovation.

To help you to incorporate Orange M2M solutions into your business, Orange Business Services provide you with a wide scope of solutions built around our customers :

  • Dedicated m2m SIM card in various form factors
  • Best-in-class managed connectivity including roaming
  • Powerful SIM-card life-cycle management, alarm and diagnostic tools (available both as API or Portal)
  • Consulting

As the M2M value-chain is highly complex and include integration of products from different suppliers, Orange put in place an m2m module certification program to accelerate your time-to-market by testing off-the-selves m2m modules.


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